Thursday, October 28, 2010

15 Minute Upcycled Longies

My 15 minute Longie pants tute:

Step 1: Find a 100% wool sweater at the G-Dub

Step 2: Mutter and grumble about how all the sweaters are acrylic now-a-days. Ask your child "Doesn't anyone use real wool anymore?" as he stares blankly at you.

Step 3: Cut off the arms of the sweater at the shoulder seam, leaving the wrist cuffs intact. Keep the torso of the sweater for another project.

Step 4: Use a good-fitting pair of pants to determine the length and rise, then trim the crotch to shape, leaving a seam allowance. The arms don't appear to be wide enough in this pic, but the sweatpants don't stretch, and the wool pants will.

Step 5: Turn one sleeve inside out and slide the right-side-out sleeve inside the inside-out sleeve, lining up the crotch. Turning only the one outer sleeve inside out will ensure that you have right sides facing each other. Pin along the semi-circle/crotch.

Step 6: Sew along the semi-circle, then pull the leg out.
Step 7: Measure out elastic for the waist
Step 8: Fold down waist leaving a tube for elastic. Sew 1/2 way around the waist, run out of thread on your bobbin, rethread, and get distracted by House MD on tv.
Step 9: Focus! Almost done! Sew the rest of the way around the waist band leaving a small opening to thread the elastic
Step 10: Thread elastic through, sew the ends together, and finish off the seam.
Step 11: Turn right-side-out and marvel at how handy you have become!

Optional Step: Sew patches on the knees for your crawler. I didn't get there yet.
For cloth diaper longies: Lanolize these, air dry, and they will double as a cloth diaper cover and pants. Yay multi-purpose!

Action shots:
See the nice built-in cuffs? Lovely.

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