Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In case you haven't noticed, I've been m.i.a. lately. I've started my new job, and there's a lot of O.T. available, so I've been picking up a lot of extra shifts. So far it's working out really well having my husband stay home with the Wee One while i work, then we switch while he does homework and goes to school.  He was able to raise his grade a whole letter in the last month after he stopped working. :) Plus, the Wee One is getting some serious bonding time in with his "Dada" and he LOVES it. They both do actually.

We've been spending our weekends enjoying the weather. Easter Saturday we went to a marshmallow drop. Any way you look at it, 10,000 marshmallows falling from a helicopter is fun! We also got the requisite terrified picture with the Easter Bunny:

This past weekend we went to Nelis' Dutch Village here in town. It's a cute little dutch-themed amusement park for kids. Sounds lame, but it was actually pretty fun.

Wee One was pretty amazed by the llama. He was being so gentle while petting it. :)

Then we took a goat for a walk.

and saw the most adorable tiny baby miniature pony. I've never seen such a tiny pony before, so cute!

I hope you've been able to spend some quality time with your family lately too!