Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Better Peanut Butter

My tip for the week is to skip the regular PB in your smoothies, and use natural PB instead. It should only have peanuts and salt, no sugar or other additives. The great thing about natural peanut butter is that the peanut oil rises to the top, so you can dump out that oil and eliminate all that fat and calories really easily. The brand of PB in my cupboard now says 3/4 of the calories come from fat, so if you can eliminate even some of that fat, then why not? Don't go out and buy reduced fat pb though, as they usually add things like sugar to compensate.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Over did it.

Ugh, weekends are my downfall. I over-indulged and now I feel bloated, uncomfortable, and gross. For brunch my husband brought home one if my former favorite treats, donuts and Long Johns! It was such a thoughtful gesture, how could I refuse? Ha! As if I've ever refused a donut before? I doubt it! Well, now I feel  like this, and I don't think they were worth it any more. Hopefully I learned my lesson.