Monday, June 28, 2010

To Do Chart & 10 in 10

Today is the half way point in the 10 Tasks in 10 days challenge, so it's time for an update. So far, I've done half the tasks on my list. Yay! Here is the dry erase task chart that I made.

In the left panel I put a list of weekly chores, in the bottom monthly chores, and I left the right side open for special projects. The lists are under the glass, so I can cross them off with dry erase markers as they are completed.

Cost:  Free!

The frame came from a box of frames I got off freecycle, and the paper and ribbon was in my sister's ginormous scrapbooking stash that she let me raid. The dry erase markers I already had.

Pool filter: check!  Cost: free! I used epoxy that I already had in my art stash

Scrub caps: check! Cost: about $1 each

Gates cleaned: check! Cost: free! I got this one off of freecycle, and the other was already here at the house.

1 comment:

  1. i love free cycle.

    i also love your blog!