Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Baby stuff you "Need"

When I was preparing for our wee one, people would ask me what we still needed. I would run down the list of stuff we already had, at a loss for what more we could possibly need for this little person. Clothes, diapers, a place to sleep, a way to transport him, hold him, keep him warm, what else is there, really? Well, there's tons if you buy into all the consumerism.

I just stumbled upon a list of "Must Haves" for your child's first year. The list had nearly 80 items on it! Really? You know that this little person spends the majority of it's first year eating, sleeping, and pooing, right? Naturally, I felt compelled to compile my own minimalist list.

It goes without saying that your baby will need a variety of clothes to wear. I'm not going to list everything that you might want to get for him or her to wear, just the specific items that I think are handy for infants.

Clothes: socks, anti-scratch mittens, onesies, gowns, sleep 'n' play outfits

Eating: Mesh feeder, rubber/plastic spoons, bottles, pump, breast pads, nursing bras, bibs, burp cloths, high chair/booster seat, Gripe Water

Travel: Car seat, stroller or a wrap/sling, bag, changing pad

Bath: Tub, nail clippers, soft hair brush, gum/tooth brush, baby wash

Potty: Diapers, wipes, powder, rash ointment, potty chair

Toys: Teething toys, swing, bouncy chair, hanging toys, ball, sensory blocks, books, mirror toy, Bumbo chair

Bed: Crib, sheets, blankets, noise machine, swaddler, *angel care monitor/movement sensor*

Safety: gate, outlet plugs, thermometer, infant motrin, first aid kit, snot sucker

*My one real indulgence on the list is the angel care monitor and movement sensor. Truth be told, it's not a necessity at all, but it gave us great peace of mind when our wee one finally came home from the hospital. If he ever stopped breathing, we would know right away- and he did. Twice, in my arms.  We wouldn't have been able to sleep nearly as well if we hadn't had this monitor. (No, they aren't paying me to say this, but if the makers of Angel Care would like to, I'd be more than happy to accept payment! haha)

That's all that I think you really need for baby's first year. You don't need special towels or washcloths, normal ones work just fine. You don't need shoes for your baby (hello, they aren't walking!), or fancy toys (he's going to be more interested in the newspaper, empty box, and shiny formula can anyway), nursing cover (just use a light blanket), or fancy Moby wrap (you can make the same thing without sewing for about $15 worth of fabric). Many of these items could be hand-me-downs or used if you're on a budget, and some of them the hospital will give you (assuming you have a hospital birth).


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