Friday, June 25, 2010

Scrub Caps

I couldn't sleep last night, so I pumped out 3 scrub caps (aka sweat headband thingies) for my husband. He wanted them to wear while he's at work (in a hot kitchen) and working out. Sure, I could have just bought them, but 1.I'm cheap and 2.He's got a huge head. I mean HUGE. We weighed his head once (I know, we're weird), and it weighed in at a whopping 13 lbs! Doesn't the average head only weigh 8 lbs? I digress...

Anyway, I couldn't find any free patterns online, and even if I did find one it would have been too small, so I just made my own through trial and error and a lot of newspaper. The most successful pattern is this one (folded in 1/2).

A little hard to see? How's this?
For fabric I cut up a 3x moisture-wicking t-shirt that was bogo. I made 3 from the one shirt, but could probably squeeze out a fourth.

Did I mention that my wonderful, fancy Brother sewing machine is broken right now? It makes me very very sad. I had to use this machine (known as "the work horse") instead. No fancy stitches here. I'm lucky if I get straight stitches. We have 3 machines in this house and this is the only working one at the moment. Sigh It is a beautiful machine though, the shape of the top reminds me of an old farm tractor. Oh right...back to the scrub caps. Once I got the pattern figured out it was just a matter of pinning, hemming, then sewing the pieces together.
Voila! My model has a normal sized head, so I had to tie it tighter than it would be on my husband, so you can't see how it is longer in the back than front.

Back view. He says they are exactly what he wanted. :) Yay!

Cost of scrub cap online ~$8 each
Cost of making it myself ~$1 each

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  1. I love the look of your sewing machine. Found you through New Friend Friday.