Thursday, February 17, 2011

Quiet Book Pages

 My pet project right now is a quiet book for my son's 2nd birthday. I read that it's super time consuming, but it's really not been that bad. I've really been enjoying coming up with different ideas for pages and making patterns for them. Here are some of the pages I have completed so far. Notice that the edges are still rough. They will be finished when I bind the book.

       The door opens, letters slide inside the box, and the flag goes up and down. I think I might sew a button on the door as a door pull. I think it looks a little naked right now.

This page is made of an up-cycled pair of baby girl's pants. I intend to put a few goodies in the pockets, including a pad of paper and pencil to write letters to "send" in the mail.

The W isn't crooked- I promise.

This z page has the zipper of course, and also the snap closure (it's a faux button), plus the pocket on the pants. In order to attempt to keep the pieces of this book together, I made the pants on this page into a giant pocket that can be accessed at the waist band. 

I've already shared the H page, but I finished the inside last night. I added the plastic sleeve on the base heart to hold a family picture. The top is open so the picture can be changed over time.

That's all for now. I'll share more pages tomorrow.
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  1. What a fun project! I love the pocket page!

  2. this looks so fun!!! what a great idea... we are having a link party if you would like to come join!

  3. Very cute! I commend you... this is a project I would like to do someday but I know they are very time consuming. Good job with yours!

  4. Your pages are great!! It does look like it would take a good bit of time though. Kudos!!