Friday, February 18, 2011

More Quiet Book Pages!

Round 2 of quiet book pages!

Boys need to know how to braid too, right? My husband said no, but I assured him that if  trapped on a deserted island, he would need to know how to braid rope. Besides, teal hair makes it less feminine, right?

The apples snap on and off and store in the pocket. What do all trees need? An owl hole of course.

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  1. So cuuuute! And what a great point about boys needing to learn to braid! Love it!

  2. So, making a quiet book has been on my to do list FOR YEARS! But it always seems to 'complicated' I love your simple sweet pages, I might be able to handle that... Thanks for the nice comments on my blog!

  3. What great pages! :) I'm sure your son will enjoy this book! Thanks for sharing!

  4. adorable! It is a keepsake.

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  5. How did you put together the pages in book form? (Or have you? I just found your blog from the dryer ball socks- and made those today, but then started looking around!) Cute, cute!

    1. Hi Jenna, the muslin pages were prepped with interfacing on the backs before I assembled them. Once the pages were done I just sewed them together with insides facing in, left a little space open to turn them right side out, then top stitched around the edges for a more finished look. I added two eyelets to each finished (double sided) page, and used large hinged binder rings to "bind" the book. I got them in the embroidery section at the craft store. The rings make it possible to take out specific pages to play with. Two things I would have done differently: 1- add something stiff between the muslin layers of each page since they are a bit floppy. 2- sew all velcro on to pieces/pages instead of relying on adhesive or hot glue. Some of the velcro is ripping off. Does that help? I really should update the final result, thanks for reminding me!