Sunday, March 6, 2011

Quiet Book Pages #4

It's that time again.

'R' page has a Rocket that slides to the moon and there are 20 stars to count. This page was inspired by Homemade By Jill

'D' page has a buckle and a leash clip thingy to practice with. Inspired by Made By Me. Shared With You.

'B' Page is pretty self explanatory. My idea, though I'm sure it's been done before.

Every quiet book needs an owl, right? The owl's face was inspired by BoutiqueID's ipad sleeve

This part is all me though. Two baby owl finger puppets huddle under Mama Owl's wings. The finger puppets snap on to Mama's body when done playing.

Yup, it's an igloo.

An igloo puzzle that is. This was my idea. I skipped the velcro on this page since the felt sticks together pretty well.

There you go, 5 more pages. Some of the fabrics, the buckles, and belts were upcycled.  Are you sick of quiet book pages yet? I'm getting there myself. Only 9 or so more pages to create.

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  1. Those are so adorable. I started a quite book a year ago and still have not finished it. I'm so terrible. Don't forget to join me for More The Merrier Monday and link up all of your great projects.

  2. So cute! Fun idea for the kids, I wish I would have known about this when my kids were younger! Thank you for sharing. Heather @

  3. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog the other day. I scrolled through your quiet book pages and they are awesome. The alphabet is a great idea. I especially loved the heart and those baby owlets are too cute!

  4. so cute!!! it's really coming along... love that little doggy!!!

  5. I really need to start making one of these! My favorite is the little baby owls under Mama's wings! Great work!


  6. Super cute!! I love quiet books- makes church, doctor's appts, etc. MUCH easier ;) We featured you today! Thanks for linking up last weekend! xo

  7. Hi! I found your blog through My Delicious Ambiguity. I just have to say I love your quiet book! I am gathering ideas to make another one for my girls and I admit I will probably use most of yours. That igloo is fantastic! Thanks for sharing!


  8. Hi! Very nice ideas :) It's good to see that there are other people who are preparing such a things :) My work can see at

  9. I love your dog page! I attempted to make my own using yours as inspiration but it didn't turn out nearly as well, haha! I linked back to you on my blog; you can check it out here Thanks for sharing :)

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