Thursday, September 9, 2010

Project: Used Washer & Dryer

I'm slowly plugging along on my 10 in 10 tasks list, and the other day I tackled hooking up the used washer and dryer we bought from the Habitat Restore. (Side note: if you've never been to a habitat for humanity ReStore, then go NOW! It's like the G-Dub of hardware, building supplies, furniture, and appliances.)

The washer was hooked up with the only hitch being that the hot and cold water valves are backwards. I can handle that. I'll switch them at some point.  It was the dryer that gave me trouble. Did you know that all electric dryer plugs are not created equal? In fact, electric dryers aren't even sold with cords anymore. Whaaaat?

Yeah, you heard me correctly. Apparently new builds (1999 and later) have a 4-pronged outlet, whereas prior to that, buildings had these 3 pronged outlets. Bummer.

As it turns out, it's not such a big deal. A little google here, a little hardware store there, and I replaced the old cord pictured above, with this cord.

I followed the instructions here to remove the old plug cords and bonding jumper, then reconnect the 4 new cords. It was very simple to do, but to be honest, plugging it in once it was all done scared the crap out of me, so my wonderful husband plugged it in, and pretended to be electracuted saved the day.

This is the back panel with the new wires all connected. Normally the cord would be fed through the bottom, but my grounding wire (green one) wouldn't reach the grounding screw if I did that, so I had to improvise.
Yay, new cord installation complete! Laundry may commence!

Oh, that is-until I realized that the dryer wasn't doing a very good job of drying.
Today, while imagining pitching the dryer out the window, I discovered a small puddle of water coming from under the dryer. Umm...that's not good.  Upon further investigation, I found this stuffed in the outside vent:

A plastic bag?! Hello! Can you say fire hazard?! Ugh!
I'm grateful that I noticed the puddle and never left the dryer running when I wasn't home.
Now everything is reconnected, the fire hazards are removed, and it is drying like a champ!


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