Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mini Caramel Apples & a Feature

Warning: The following post may make you smack your head in a why-didn't-I-think-of-that moment, then run to the store against your will to copy this idea. Please use caution while proceeding.

I have a confession. I'm in love. I'm in love with this idea, and with Christy's blog From Glitter To Gumdrops. Mini caramel apples? Of course! I like caramel apples, but I won't eat them because they're too difficult/messy to eat on top of being too much sugar for a whole apple. Enter these single-serve caramel apples, and I'm in heaven! If you love apples, guess what? She has a whole WEEK of apple recipes! The recipe for Kristen's Toffee Apple Dip looks awesome.

In case apples aren't your thing, she also has a ton of great handmade gift ideas. I'm seeing a set of these face plates in my future!

Edit: I'm having trouble with mushy/broken off pretzel rods within minutes after inserting them, so traditional sticks might be necessary. : (


  1. Thanks for the hot tip! They look delicious. (I could eat 50 that's the problem!!)

  2. Thanks for featuring my idea! I was so sorry to hear about your pretzel problem! I used a bag of pretzel rods from Walmart (I don't know if that really matters), and they were still firm 24 hours later after sitting in the apples! So strange! You might try patting the apples with a paper towel to take off any additional moisture, OR in the future, I'm planning on serving these at a lunch, and I'm going to dip the apples in a little lemon/water mix so they don't turn, stick them on their pretzel, then provide little bowls of caramel and mixes for the guest to 'make their own' carameled apples. :O)