Monday, December 13, 2010

Handmade Gift #2 ABC Blocks

Months ago I found pre-cut wooden blocks at Goodwill, and of course I snatched them right up. $3.99 minus 30% off special, plus an additional 10% off as a student discount = a great deal.

After a coat of primer, some acrylic paint, and some sharpie permanent markers, this is what we have.

We already celebrated Christmas at my house, and I'm pleased to say that he likes them! That is, he likes to knock them over after I stack them.

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  1. Hi Lyndsey-
    I saw your comment on my "A word" post. Just wanted to stop by. I know there is so much worry these days because there's a lot of talk about autism. I'm proud of you for admitting your concern. There are some really good resources to help you out. This might help a bit:

    But don't get ahead of yourself. It's true that autism is a huge epidemic right now. But I don't want to make anyone worry unnecessarily either.
    Thanks for reading 30days!