Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10 Things I've Learned Raising a Boy

1. Cardboard does not digest well. If it is red and says "Crayons" going in, it's going to be red and say "Crayons" coming out.

2. Reading material inside the poop isn't as fun as it sounds.

3. Crayons don't digest well either. Who knew?

4. If he can catch a moving ladybug then I'm pretty sure he has earned the right to eat it!

5. Eating food off the floor isn't as gross as it used to be. Just don't do it in front of company, ok?

6. The "Death Roll" isn't limited to alligators and crocodiles, it also applies to diaper changes.

7. Naked makes everything ok again.

8. Nothing brings Mommy and Daddy to their knees faster than the Two-Fingered-Nose-Hook-Bloodbath move. Except maybe purple nurples.

9. It doesn't go without saying that we don't eat poop. Say it. Often. We. Don't. Eat. Poop!

10. Sleeping Daddies are meant to be woken up. Smacking their head while squealing is the ideal method.

 and most important, little boy grins and loves make everything right in the world.


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