Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Night Stand Update

Oh, hi! I'm still here, just a-pluggin' along. Apartment hunting, packing, playing, and painting our bedroom furniture. Nothing in our bedroom looks like it goes together. I'm not a fan of bedroom sets, or matchy-matchy things, but similar color schemes would be nice. Here's what we're working with as far as night stands go.

After sanding.
Not at all exciting, but they were free, so who am I to complain? They came from the graduate student housing at the university I worked at for a summer. For whatever reason they were replacing the perfectly good furniture, so I inherited whatever would fit in my tiny car, aka two of these sturdy little night stands.

primed twice
In my quest for a deal on "Whoops" paint I came across light blue tinted primer. I like the color, so I thought I would just prime them and leave them, but in my research (doesn't that make me sound all informed?) I found that it could feel chalky, and look dull, so on to plan B. I decided to give them a light blue wash similar to the primer color. Unfortunately my budget for decorating is pretty much zero, and I didn't have said paint. Crap.

Then, it occurred to me that once upon a time I was a painter. I have tons of oil and acrylics for painting on canvas! Why can't I just use that paint? So I did. I mixed white and aqua marine acrylic paints with about a cup or two of water, and came up with a light blue wash.

The sun washed out the color a bit, amplify this color by 20% and there you have it.

Umm...ok, so not quite as light as I had intended. They came out a bit brighter than anticipated, but turns out I love it! I couldn't stop looking at them. I kept peeking out the window at them while they dried, and breaking out into a huge grin. 

I knew that my husband wouldn't be quite as thrilled as I was, so I added a little more white paint and water when I painted the second one, and did a thinner wash.

I would have loved to buy pretty new pulls, but like I said, my budget is zero. Instead I dry-brushed primer on them, then spray painted the original pulls black. I actually like how the black and blue look together, and the dry brushing gave them a little texture, so they look kind of like wrought iron. Nice!

I lightly distressed the edges a little here and there.

My husband thought I was crazy for "ruining" my brand new paint job. It's going to get "ruined" during the move anyway, I'm just helping it look more intentional. :) Lastly I sprayed a clear coat on the tops, drawer fronts and pulls. This color isn't for everyone, but for an apartment-dweller surrounded in white, I think it's awesome!

One more  photo...
My little monkey boy, who can climb up the back of the couch and onto the ledge in 3 second flat.

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  1. I think the night stands have great curves & you painted them a fun color!!!
    Gotta love free : )
    & btw monkey boy is adorable!!

  2. Thank you mle, he's my sunshine.

  3. Love how they turned out, you definitely can't beat free! I have the same hardware on my dresser, I wasn't sure how they'd look spray painted and I've debated switching them out. Thanks for showing me a preview and saving me money, I really like how they look on your piece!

    You can leave a long comment any time you like, your advice was REALLY helpful and I'm glad you didn't cut it down to be short! It seems like all of the negative feedback on the stove is from people who have NO experience with one. Thanks so much!

    -Ann Marie

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  5. These turned out great! I think that when we are forced to be creative we create some of the best pieces.

  6. I tried to email you back but I got a "noreply" I wanted to thank you for stopping by and giving me the link to the pie cabinet! I think you may be right and it's a smaller version of that. Anyway, it sounds much nicer then a chicken coop does it not?

    I love the way the two night stands turned out. Very cute and you can not beat free! The color is great. Thanks again!

  7. @Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal

    I thought you might like the sound of a "pie safe" more than a chicken coop. :D. I'm glad I could help. It really is a nice piece, no matter what it is. I love that it has the hangers, I bet it'd be great in the bathroom.

  8. Thanks again for commenting on my wood-burning stove dilemma. I featured you for leaving such a helpful comment!

    Feel free to grab a featured button! :)
    -Ann Marie

  9. I am in LOVE with those revamped nightstands. The color is just to die for. Great job chickie!

  10. That blue is an awesome color! Good job!